Beethoven | 5 octaves #2
Jos van Immerseel

Ce concert est avancé à 19h, en raison des nouvelles mesures gouvernementales s’appliquant au département de la Côte d’Or. 
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After all the effusive literature it has inspired, is it still possible to hear the Sonata op. 27 n°2 "Clair de lune" with open ears, and the attentive curiosity it so richly deserves ? It’s a wager we’ll accept in October 2020. Performed on an Anton Walter under the fingers of Jos van Immerseel, it is sure to resound in a manner completely new to a lot of us ! What stunning evidence, what unsuspected ties between the form and the sound arising from these long and darkly chiselled chords that cloud the entire first movement ? With what new fragility will this sad melody full of regret appear and hover above us ? Will the feverish and committed violence of its finale continue to push the physical limits of the instrument, as if this itself was the very reason for its existence ? Will we again be surprised, astonished, shocked by the hidden depths of a work that we thought we knew so well ? Will we find ourselves in the same dazed state as those who first heard it in 1801?


PIANOFORTE* Jos van Immerseel

*Pianoforte by Christopher Clarke, 1988, copy of an Anton Walter instrument, Vienna, late 18th century


Sonate en do dièse mineur op. 27 n°2 « Sonata quasi una fantasia » dite « Clair de lune »
Rondo op. 51 n°2
Sonate en mi bémol majeur op. 31 n°3 dite « La Chasse »

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