L’Anneau d’or, Heinrich Schütz

Les Traversées Baroques

Heinrich Schütz, who we celebrated in 2022 on the 450th anniversary of his death, described with great precision the filial relation he had with his master, Giovanni Gabrieli. He kept the golden ring bequeathed to him in 1612 by Gabrieli until his own death in 1672.

Similarly, nearly a century later, Mattheson’s testimony shed light on Schütz’ relationship with his own student, Christoph Bernhard. Such a passing of the torch is always done with respect and admiration, especially coming from an absolutely exceptional composer, but already when Schütz spoke of this transmission, the style of music was already changing. The present programme will juxtapose Heinrich Schütz’ Psalms of David with Giovanni Gabrieli’s Sacrae Symphoniae. The funerary motet commissioned by Schütz to Christoph Bernhard, premiered in Dresden on 17 November 1672, and played during his funeral, has been lost. Another piece by Christoph Bernhard will complete the programme.


Musical director Étienne Meyer
Sopranos Dagmar Saskova, Capucine Keller
Altos Maximiliano Baños, Marie Georges Monet
Tenors François-Nicolas Geslot, Vincent Bouchot
Basses Renaud Delaigue, Alejandro Meerapfel
Cornets Judith Pacquier, Liselotte Emery
Violins Jasmine Eudeline, Clemence Schaming
Sackbuts Clar McIntyre, Alexis Lahens, Abel Rohrbach
Violas da gamba Christine Plubeau, Ronald Martin-Alonso, Élodie Peudepiece
Bassoon Monika Fischaleck
Theorbo Matthias Spaeter
Harp Giovanna Pessi
Harpsichord and organ Laurent Stewart

Giovanni Gabrieli (1556-1612)
Vox Domini
Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672)
Ist nicht Ephraim mein teurer Sohn - Motet SWV 40
Ich danke dem Herrn von ganzen Herzen - Psaume 111 SWV 34
Nicht uns, Herr, sondern deinem Namen - Psaume 115 SWV 43
Wohl dem, der den Herrn Fürchtet - Psaume 128 SWV 30
Lobe den Herren, meine Seele - Psaume 103 SWV 39
An den Wasser zu Babel - Psaume 137 SWV 37
Zion spricht : Der Herr hat mich verlassen - Concert SWV 34
Der Herr ist mein Hirt - Psaume 23 SWV 33
Christoph Bernhard (1628-1692)
Tribularer si nescirem
Heinrich Schütz
Die mit Tränen säen - Motet, Psaume 126 SWV 42
Alleluja ! Lobet den Herrn in seinem Heiligtum - Psaume 150 SWV 38
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