Cappella Mediterranea - Leonardo García Alarcón

Il dono della vita eterna, Antonio Draghi

Il dono della vita eterna: an eschatological, universal programme, magnified by the highly  expressive music of Antonio Draghi, prolific Italian artist at the Hapsburg court in the 17th  century.

Singer, librettist, impresario, he was the most important composer in the service of the imperial court. Little-known today, Antonio Draghi created a string of stage successes for more than 30 years: fantastic and exotic operas, historic, mythological, allegorical works, but also sepolcri, a Viennese variant of the oratorio. Il dono della vita eterna, "a sacred representation", is the paradigm: the score sets to stage the battle between the forces of Heaven and Earth for the salvation of Humanity, with the help of allegories such as Adam’s Sin, Infernal Hate, Eternal Death ... Spectacular theatrical effects, poignant arias and recitatif, and concise and effective lyrics are all tightly linked, always in the service of the drama, to reveal the tragedy of humanity, which only "Divine Grace" can save.

With the patronage of the Banque Populaire Bourgogne-Franche-Comte


Cappella Mediterranea
Chœur de Chambre de Namur
Musical director Leonardo García Alarcón

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Morte eterna Christopher Lowrey
Odio infernale Raphaël Hardmeyer
Dio Padre Alejandro Meerapfel
Amore divino Mariana Flores
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Antonio Draghi, Il dono della vita eterna
Livret de Nicolò Minato

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