Bertrand Chamayou & Sol Gabetta

in a few words

Born the same year, Sol Gabetta and Bertrand Chamayou are characterised among their generation by an expressive warmth mixed with the greatest artistic integrity. It is a privilege to have them return with a programme based around Mendelssohn.

Refined intellectual, prodigy of the piano, Felix Mendelssohn incarnates a less tormented romanticism than that of Schubert or Schumann, but rich in literary imaginary and endless melodic genius. Devoted to the memory of Bach, whose St. Matthew Passion he restored to the world, he would share with the old Cantor a deep interest in the cello, to which he would dedicate two Sonatas, the splendid Variations concertantes as well as a Feuille d’album and a Romance. Alternatively passionate, strictly polyphonic, elegiac or endowed with a light transparency, his art cites Hassidic melodies and Lutheran chorales, expressing with subtlety the complexity of a man born into an illustrious family of Jewish intellectuals who later converted to Protestantism.


Cello Sol Gabetta
Piano Bertrand Chamayou


Variations concertantes en ré majeur, opus 17
Assai Tranquillo
Sonate pour violoncelle et piano en si bémol majeur, opus 45
Sonate Sonate pour violoncelle et piano en ré majeur, opus 58
Romance sans parole, op109  

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