Martin Zimmermann

Danse Macabre
in a few words

Martin Zimmermann is a rather special Swiss, along the lines of Grock,  Dimitri or Marthaler. Acrobat? Choreographer? Scenographer? Stage director?  Film director? Don’t look for one correct answer, it’s all of the above. White clown and black humour? No contradiction. He calls it tragicomic, and with him, it is a whole new world…

Without makeup, Martin Zimmermann looks a bit like Buster Keaton: the laconic stare, the sharp silhouette, the imperturbable agility, the indominable courage against the meanness of things. But once he’s made up, he’s like some character out of a Tim Burton film, wearing his skeleton on the outside, when it’s not his severed head in his hands … After graduating from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque, his first show toured for three years. It’s now been more than two decades that he has climbed the stages of five continents, from London, Paris and New York to Zurich, Tokyo and Sidney ... Premiered in mid-August 2021 in Basel, Dance macabre sits firmly in line with his prior shows. This time, Zimmermann has imagined a sort of island of detritus far removed from the rest of the world. Three shipwrecked souls (performed by Zimmermann’s favourite accomplices) find themselves working to build a sort of family and attempt to resist adversity as best they can. How to build a community, how to avoid becoming alienated in the struggle for material survival? Obstacles abound, because neither people nor things allow themselves to be influenced. And to spice things up, a fourth scoundrel hides among them, unknown to the others, amusing himself by pulling on the strings that guide their fates. This nefarious prankster seen only by our eyes, this grand master of the dump is none other than Death, played by the stage director himself… To survive against all odds, our three poor heroes have but a single weapon, but for Zimmerman, it’s a biggie: humour, “the ridiculous side of the tragic”, which when raised “to comic level, manages to overcome all.”

Project shared with CirQ’Ônflex
MZ Atelier Production


Conception, staging & choreography Martin Zimmermann
Created and performed by Tarek Halaby, Dimitri Jourde, Methinee Wongtrakoon, Martin Zimmermann

Musical creation Colin Vallon
Dramaturgie Sabine Geistlich
Sets Simeon Meier, Martin Zimmermann
Artistic collaboration Romain Guion
Costumes Susanne Boner, Martin Zimmermann
Lights Sarah Büchel
Sound Andy Neresheimer

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granD théâtre
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