Les hauts plateaux

Mathurin Bolze

Ages 10 and up

Les hauts plateaux is a circus show highlighting the poetry of corporeal expression and equilibrium: a virtuoso work for the stage that speaks of our human fragility and our relationship to the world.

A master of contemporary circus arts, Mathurin Bolze creates a resonance between the art of the circus and the consciousness of ruins. Trampolines, inclined platforms, moving floors and ladders design a labyrinthian space, in constant metamorphosis, in which bodies transform, take flight, climb and rebound, confronted by images of a world ever beautiful but ever so fragile. On a sound creation by Camel Zekri and Jérôme Fèvre, Les hauts plateaux seeks to construct in the face of destruction, to find meaning and beauty, and achieve the acrobatic heights where skill attains pure poetry – all the while thumbing its nose at the times, in a pure moment of weightless grace.



Production Compagnie les mains les pieds et la tête aussi
Coproduction with Cirq’ônflex


Concept Mathurin Bolze
With Anahi De Las Cuevas, Julie Tavert, Johan Caussin, Frédéri Vernier, Corentin Diana, Andres Labarca, Mathurin Bolze
Dramaturgy Samuel Vittoz
Staging Goury  
Sound stage and machinery Nicolas Julliand
Composer Camel Zekri

Sound creation and technical direction Jérôme Fèvre
Lighting Rodolphe Martin
Video Wilfrid Haberey
Costumes Fabrice Ilia Leroy

Prices and seating plan
from 5.5€ to 25€ (tarif d)
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