Mon Amant de Saint-Jean

Le Poème Harmonique - Stéphanie d'Oustrac

With songs from “Les années folles” echoed by baroque arias, Stephanie d’Oustrac and Vincent Dumestre propose a game of mirrors that sets off a moving dialogue with history.

The period between the two wars unveils its forgotten repertoire: performers and composers dive into the popular songs of the past, as into the grand arias of Lully and Monteverdi, feeding a nostalgia for a bygone era, an epic journey into a shared heritage. In this recital, Le Poème Harmonique retraces this genealogical enquiry: from the sweet madness of the Roaring Twenties, to the languorous and unbridled passions of ancient tragedies. On stage, at the hour when buried emotions arise, a woman dreams of past loves, of stark memories dimmed by time. 

Renowned for her baroque heroines, Stephanie d’Oustrac here pays homage to Colette Renard, Barbara, Damia and other great singers of the last century.


Musical arrangements, theorbo and direction Vincent Dumestre
Staging and lighting Marie Lambert
Costumes Bruno Fatalot
Musical arrangements Vincent Bouchot

Mezzo-soprano Stephanie d’Oustrac

Violins Fiona-Emilie Poupard, Sandrine Dupe
Viola da gamba Lucas Peres
Cello Cyril Poulet
Accordion Vincent the Hermet
Bassoon, flutes Nicolas Rosenfeld


Marin Marais
Prelude et passacaille en mi mineur

J’ai perdu ma jeunesse Dans mon jardin à l’ombre La fille au Roi Louis

Johann Vierdank
Canzona in C major

Claudio Monteverdi
Lamento d’Arianna

Francesco Cavalli
"Lassa, io vivo", L’Egisto
Où sont mes amants D’elle à lui
Les petits pavés
Les nuits d’une demoiselle
Les canards tyroliens
Mon Amant de Saint-Jean

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