Mediterranean polyphony

Tribu Festival

Chanter sa langue

While the Madalena is brought back to life by the singers of A Filetta, the choir from the Pays d’Òc, Abdullah Miniawy and Peter Corser examine the deep affinities between Corsican polyphony and Arab music, on the two sides of the Mediterranean.

The Madalena is a prayer in Occitan celebrating the forgiveness of sins, offered in the Middle Ages by women from the Panier neighbourhood of Marseilles to show off their rich vocal talents… to the point where the Church ended up banning it. With a choir exclusively made up of a new generation of singers and musicians from the Pays d’Òc, the Madalena is readorned with a score by Manu Théron, inspired by Occitan song, Italian tarantellas, and the hadras of the Maghreb. A Filetta, the singer Abdullah Miniawy, and the saxophonist Peter Corser all share the same passion for mixing cultures and styles. From jazz and Sufi song to Corsican polyphony, the evening proposes a wide range of popular, spiritual and festive songs, all combining love and devotion, as before, with the same rebellious spirit.



Coproduction with Zutique Productions et La Vapeur Scène de musiques actuelles
In the context of the Tribu Festival


First part
Madalena, 23 singers from Pays d’Òc under the direction of Manu Théron

Second part
Lumio, A Filetta (vocal sextet),
Abdullah Miniawy (vocals, text and composition),
Peter Corser (saxophone and composition)

Prices and seating plan
from 5.5€ to 35€ (tarif c)
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3h avec entracte
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