If you like our House and wish to participate actively in its development, join us!

The Dijon Opera’s Pygmalion Club  is for individuals who wish to support the Opera and who, through their donations, contribute to an ambitious cultural project that extends the reach of the institution. Become a member for just 80 € and enter the privileged circle of patrons.

Depending on your level of involvement, you will benefit from advantages that allow you to enjoy shows under optimal conditions (advance access to subscriptions and presentation of the season’s programming) and take part in the life of the Opera during moments of conviviality with the teams (special tours, access to rehearsals, special events and encounters around the programming, etc. ).

Tax benefits
Each donation to the Dijon Opera is eligible for a tax credit on revenue equal to 66 % of the amount, up to a limit of 20 % of total taxable revenues. 

The Dijon Opera wishes to extend special thanks to the following patrons: 

Donor patrons
Benefactor patrons 
M. Bandelier, Mme Baudon, M. & Mme Baudouy, M. Bezançon, M. Beuvard, M. Birot, M. Blanc, Mme Blondeau, M. Bourgeon, M. Bret, Mme Castagnier, M. Chevallier, M. Combernoux, M. Duplessy, Mme Frelin, Mme Gondellier, Mme Jannin, Mme Lavoue, Mme Lefèvre, M. Legras, M. Lepaumier, M. Le Tiec, M. & Mme Lodiot, Mme Mamet, Mme Manière, M. Manière, M. Martin, M. Mayo, Mme Nudant, M. Pronnier, M. Puyravaud, M. Quinnez, M. Rault, Mme Richard, M. Roignot, M. Sargeant, M. Schott, M. Schweitzer, M. Simonnot, Mme Urvoy, Mme Willard
Honorary patrons M. Héry, M. Perroche, M. Schaublin

And to all those who preferred to remain anonymous.
List closed at 2 January 2020

L’Opéra de Dijon remercie ses mécènes particuliers

Mécènes Donateurs

Mécènes Bienfaiteurs Monsieur Andreux Francis, Monsieur Bandelier Marc, Madame Baudon Delphine, Monsieur Baudouy Alain Et Madame Baudouy Joëlle, Monsieur Birot Michel, Monsieur Blanc Denis, Madame Blondeau Romane, Monsieur Bourgeon Jean-Philippe, M. Et Mme Brasi Jean-Luc, Monsieur Bret Roland, Madame Castagnier Jocelyne, Monsieur Chevallier Bernard, Monsieur Combernoux Rémy, Madame Dulery Hélène, Monsieur Duplessy Matthieu, Madame Frelin Monique, Madame Gondellier Sophie, Monsieur Grut Jean-Paul, Madame Hugot Josyane, Madame Jannin Brigitte, Madame Lang Christiane, Madame Lefevre Patricia, Monsieur Legras Jean-Claude, Monsieur Lepaumier Louis-Paul, Monsieur Lodiot Francis, Monsieur Le Tiec Pascal, Madame Mamet Bernadette, Madame Manière Mireille, Monsieur Martin Pierre, Madame Nudant Danielle, Monsieur Puyravaud Gilbert, Monsieur Quinnez Bernard, Madame Richard Marie-Line, Monsieur Roignot Michel, Monsieur Sargeant John, Monsieur Schott Roger, Monsieur Schweitzer Michel, Monsieur Simonnot Marc, Madame Soutenet Martine, Madame Urvoy Sylvie, Madame Willard Katherine

Mécènes Honorifiques Monsieur Schaublin Arnold

Et tous ceux ayant préféré garder l’anonymat.
Liste arrêtée le 21 décembre 2020



Stela Rodrigues Pinto
Manager, patronage & business partnerships
03 80 48 86 76  

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