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Oh La La La!

Chœur de l'Opéra de Dijon & Chœur éphémère d'enfants

Playing with the aesthetic codes of operetta and musical theatre, Oh La La La! presents the Dijon Opera Choir in a joyous promenade on life through the eyes of a child , with a lightness that is not insouciance so much as a capacity to sublimate.

One day, in the street, a child stops to talk to two artists. This encounter sparks a musical promenade, that waltzes between two dream-like spaces: the discovery of love for the child, and that of childhood rediscovered by the adults. The scene then transforms into a playground for the protagonists, with numbers played by the pianist. The musical programme includes well-known tunes from operettas (Tea for Two, Heure exquise, C’est Magnifique…), but also the (re)discovery of the operetta repertoire from the first half of the 20th century (La Route fleurie, Les Bavards...), and new arrangements of French standards  (Bambino, Sous le ciel de Paris, La Saint-Médard…), along with the great French composers of the 20th century (Francis Poulenc, Maurice Ravel...).


Musical director Anass Ismat
Dijon Opera Choir
Piano Marie Duquesnois

Design and staging Louise Brun
Scenography Théo Phélippeau

With the participation of the Chœurs Éphémères (Ephemeral choirs)


Photo © Mirco Magliocca

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free concert
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1h20 sans entracte

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