Anoushka Shankar


Surrounded by talented partners, Anoushka Shankar continues her explorations into sonic magic that mixes traditions.

Throughout her albums, Anoushka Shankar never stops exploring, while never turning away from her formal training, to create a hybrid mix of musical practices and traditions. A virtuoso of the sitar, producer, composer and Anglo-Indian-American activist, incarnating all on her own a rich dialogue between cultures, she also never shies away from risk. With the help of a select group of partners, she ceaselessly reconfigures her own artistic world. She returns to the Dijon Opera stage with a new quintet of musicians, including two percussionists, a bassist and clarinettist, with whom she will examine the tradition of Indian raga, of which she is the heir, in a dynamic approach with facets as magnetic as they are unexpected. Simply allow yourself to be borne along with the music, to head off in discovery of a unique and incredible musical universe, guided by one of the most captivating artists of the contemporary stage.

Photo © Laura Lewis

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from 5.5€ to 46€ (tarif b)
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1h30 sans entracte
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