Dominique Pitoiset General & Artistic Director
Bruno Hamard Associate General Director
Wandrille Durand Administrative & financial Director
Maylis Kohn Secretary General
Antoine Liccioni Production Director
Jean-Christophe Scottis Technical Director
Catherine Mouret-Bolâtre Assistant to General Director

Dominique Pitoiset General & Artistic Director
Stephen Taylor Casting Director & Programme Counsellor
Stephen Sazio Dramaturge & Publishing


Cultural development
Guillaume Labois Cultural Action Director
Julie Granadel Cultural Action Manager
Jeanne Rallet Intern

Commercial development & marketing 
Céline Vuillemot Director, Commercial Development & Marketing
Éléonore Michel Manager, Commercial Development & Marketing 
Radra Ghorzi Manager, Public Relations
Jean-Charles Besse Director of Ticket Office & Sales 
Damien Couveinhes, Océane Pitavy, Emerick Voiseux Reception & Ticket Office
Claire Boudrot Team Manager, Reception & Placement | Coordinator for the Bar
Team for reception, placement & the Bar

Information & Communication
Pascaline Sanson-Saad Coordinator, Information & Communication 
Marilyn Chiono Manager, Information & Communication
Elise Lafages Manager, digital Communication
Mathis Michelet, Intern


Human resources & payroll 
Tiffany Darroy Director
Lucie Michaux Human Resources Manager & Administrative 
Charlène Regnier Administrative Assistant

Finance & Accounting
Johann Deulvot Chief accourtant
Florian Roy Accountant | Controller & Bar receipts

Patronage & partnerships
Emmanuelle Ansaldi Manager, Patronage & Business Partnerships
Stela Rodrigues Pinto Manager, Patronage & Partnerships

Sébastien Dieu IT Technician & General Services

Katia Pereira Accounting Agent

Emmanuel Jacson Assistant Technical Director
Yannick Trioux Stage Manager in charge of the lyric activity
Christophe Pacotte Director of Security, Operations & the Building
Isabeau d’Adeler, Soraya Karimi Delegate, Technical Administration
Christel Bouveret Manager, Planning Coordination
NN Planning Manager
Paul Boyer Director, Accessories
Matthieu Bordet Lighting Directors
Didier Brusson, Sébastien Cerruti Lighting Technicians
Jacques Tortiller Sound-Stage Director
Emmanuel Vaugin Chief Machine Operator
Nicolas Clidière, Adrien Lamberti Stage Technicians
Erick Charles Technician, Orchestra & Maintenance
David Clément Audio / Video Director
Fanny Touzé Audio / Video Apprentice Technician
Stéphan Ferrand-Augier Technician, general services
Raphaël Vavasseur Manager, Operations

Stage sets and costumes
Jordan Deloge Workshops Director
David Frichet Stage-set Workshop Manager
Youssef Madloum, Patrick Zimmerlé Stage-set Builders / Technicians
Violaine Lambert Costumes Workshop Manager
Maroon Bourgeois Seamstress, Fitting and Alterations

Bruno Belotti, Patrick Partouche, Romain Delille Reception 

Hélène Bouillot Production Manager
Juliette Jouisse Production Manager
Manon Aubin Production Manager

Anass Ismat Chorus Director
Anita Henne Chorus Director
Maurizio Prosperi Rehearsal Pianist
Corinne Bigeard, Isabelle Blaise, Linda Durier, Sarah Hauss, Aurélie Marjot, Lysiane Minasyan, Anna Piroli Soprani
Sophie Largeaud, Dana Luccock, Véronique Mighetti, Delphine Ribemont-Lambert, Véronique Rouge Alti
Sébastien Calmette, Stefano Ferrari, Phillip Peterson, Jean-Christophe Sandmeier, Takeharu Tanaka Tenors
Rafael Galaz, Zakaria El Bahri, Xavier Levy-Forges, Jonas Yajure Basses