Dominique Pitoiset
General & Artistic Director
Bruno Hamard 
Associate General Director
Catherine Mouret-Bolâtre 
Assistant to General Director

Antoine Liccioni
Production Director
Hélène Bouillot, Juliette Jouisse, Anaïs Godemet  
Production Officer
Léandros Papoutsakis
Student in alternating program

General secretariat
Maylis Kohn
Secretary General

Cultural development
Guillaume Labois
Cultural Action Director
Julie Granadel
Cultural Action Managers

Commercial development & marketing 
Céline Vuillemot
Director, Commercial Development & Marketing
Éléonore Michel 
Manager, Commercial Development & Marketing 
Radra Ghorzi
Manager, Public Relations
Océane Pitavy
Head of Ticket Office & Sales 
Damien Couveinhes, Emerick Voiseux, Louise Naveau 
Reception & Ticket Office
Claire Boudrot
Team Manager, Reception & Placement | Coordinator for the Bar
Team for reception, placement & the Bar

Information & Communication
Head of Information & Communication 
Lucie Coimbra
Manager, Digital communication
Marilyn Chiono
Manager, Information & Communication
Eve Sourice Mansion
Student in alternating program

administrative and financial dept.
Wandrille Durand
Administrative & financial Director

Human resources & payroll 
Tiffany Darroy
Camille Deballon, Julie Le Forestier
Human Resources Managers

Finance & Accounting
Johann Deulvot
Chief accountant
Florian Roy
Accountant, Controller & Bar receipts
Rayane Bensaim
Student in alternating program

Sébastien Dieu
Systems and network administrator

accounting agency
Katia Pereira
Accounting Agent

Pascaline Sanson-Saad
Head of Patronage & Partnerships
Adeline Vautrin
Manager, Patronage & Partnerships

Jean-Christophe Scottis
Technical Director
Emmanuel Jacson, Yannick Trioux
Assistant Technical Director
Christophe Pacotte
Director of Security, Operations & the Building
Christel Bouveret
Manager, Planning Coordination
Laurent Zucchi
Manager, Technical administration
Paul Boyer
Director, Accessories
Matthieu Bordet, Christopher Givens
Lighting Directors
Didier Brusson, Sébastien Cerruti
Lighting Technicians
Alicia Kolly
Student in alternating program
Jacques Tortiller
Sound-Stage Director
Emmanuel Vaugin
Chief Machine Operator
Nicolas Clidière, Adrien Lamberti, Romain Delille
Stage Technicians
Erick Charles
Technician, Maintenance
David Clément
Audio Director
Kevin Gumusbuken
Audio / Video Director
Stéphan Ferrand-Augier
Technician, general services
Raphaël Vavasseur
Manager, Operations

stage sets and costumes
Jordan Deloge
Workshops Director
David Frichet
Stage-set Workshop Manager
Youssef Madloum, Patrick Zimmerlé
Stage-set Builders / Technicians
Violaine Lambert
Costumes Workshop Manager
Maroon Bourgeois
Seamstress, Fitting and Alterations

Patrick Partouche

the Choir of Opéra de Dijon
choir’s artists
Anass Ismat

Chorus Director
Maurizio Prosperi
Corinne Bigeard, Isabelle Blaise, Linda Durier, Sarah Hauss, Aurélie Marjot, Lysiane Minasyan
Sophie Largeaud, Dana Luccock, Delphine Ribémont-Lambert, Véronique Rouge, NN 
Sébastien Calmette, Stefano Ferrari, Phillip Peterson, Jean-Christophe Sandmeier, Takeharu Tanaka
Zakaria El Bahri, Xavier Levy-Forges, Jonas Yajure, Henry Boyles

choir’s management
Giulia Ricordi
Production manager in charge of the choir




Professional equality between women and men
In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir law aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men, the Opéra de Dijon publishes its professional equality index between women and men for the year 2023.

The Opéra de Dijon obtained a score of 94/100.

This result, significantly above the minimum of 75 points required, bears witness to its long-standing commitment to professional equality between women and men.